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Pettit Private School's mission is to serve families by providing premier child care, preschool
and school-age services for children ages 6 weeks - 12 years.  We create a safe, nurturing,
stimulating and fun place for children to be loved and cared for during the day.  We truly are
an extension of your family, and we invite you to come see why!

The school's professionally trained teachers understand a child's
developmental process and
align classroom activities to meet their kiddos' interests and needs.  Learning experiences at
Pettit Private School support a Constructivist Approach, where children construct new
knowledge by "doing"; participating, hands-on, in a variety of theme-related activities.

Our staff partners with parents to awaken a child's purpose, passion and success! Working
together as a team – child, teachers and parents – our purpose is to help children grow in all
developmental areas: physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.  Our goal is to help
prepare them for life's experiences, including the entrance into grade school, and have the
ability to thrive and achieve. Ultimately, we want to help you "lay the strong foundation upon
which the rest of your child's life will be built!" (Matthew 7:24-25)
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Pettit Private School
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(Picture taken at the May 2018 mission
training at the
Roanoke campus!)