Understanding that children learn best when information is organized and connected,
Pettit Private School includes a research-based, themed curriculum in all classrooms.
Each month, a new theme is selected and broken down into weekly mini-themes.  All letters, shapes, colors, stories, arts
and crafts, field trips and other learning experiences support the monthly theme, which allows children to create
organized "files" within their brains from which they can later, more easily, retrieve.
Learning begins in our infant room and continues through our Pre-K program with information and learning
experiences becoming more complex, building upon previous, learned knowledge.

  • The 2s/Early 3s, Preschool & Pre-K programs include the Christian-based A Beka curriculum, the Animal Alphabet!
  • The Preschool & Pre-K kiddos learn monthly, theme-related words!
  • The Pre-K kiddos learn 25 sight words that they will need to know as they enter Kindergarten!

Click below to see our "Year at a Glance" for the 2016-2017 school year
2s/Early 3s
Preschool & Pre-K

*Each month, activity calendars are published so parents can be informed of what their child is learning at school,
helping to reinforce the information at home!
Click here to see a sample activity calendar 1
Sample activity calendar 2
Scholastic Book Orders
are available to all
Music and Movement is a tried-and-true research-
based music-learning philosophy that provides the
building blocks of music understanding.

Our music provider, Miss Jane’s MusicPlay, brings
Mrs. Jessica to teach at our three campuses every
other week for singing, playing hand instruments,
learning rhythm and tonal patterns, listening for
tempo variations, and other experiences which
stimulate children’s thinking and decision-
making, and encourage music creativity.  

**This program is included twice per month for
all students in our Toddler through Pre-K classes
at no charge to parents!** Come MOVE with us!
with Mrs. Traci!
Celebration is another fun way for
Mrs. Traci to interact with the kiddos
God has brought to PPS and to plant
seeds of Truth and love in their hearts!
Every other week, Toddler - Pre-K
kiddos sing, dance and enjoy learning
& talking with Mrs. Traci & Jesus
(her look-alike puppet!)
Every other week, Miss TOT will teach
Preschool & Pre-K kiddos athletics,
academics, and agility.  The classes are
focused around improving children's
physical and mental growth through
movement and music.  TOT uses the perfect
mixture of physical movement, hand eye
coordination, and brain use to maximize the
growth of your preschooler.

**This program is included twice per month
for all students in our Preschool & Pre-K
classes at no charge to parents!