Fours & Fives - Pre-Kindergarten
The themed curriculum in our Pre-K classrooms incorporates the state's recommended knowledge and skills
for Pre-K.  We include activities that continue to build upon the pre-reading and writing skills such as
phonemic awareness and the alphabetic principle and also begin teaching children to read and write by
putting letters together to form words and words together to form simple sentences.  
Basic math concepts, science and social study skills, technology and lots of fun arts and crafts
are also included in our Pre-K program.  
Our goal is to have your child ready for Kindergarten - in ALL developmental areas!

Frequent field trips that support the monthly themes extend learning beyond the classroom walls and
allow children to enrich and apply knowledge they have learned in the classroom.

Click here to see pictures from our trip to Firehouse Gym.
Click here to see pictures from our trip to the Botanic Gardens.
*Other field trips often taken: Decatur Jet Center, Senior Centers, Zoo, Sea Life/Dallas World Aquarium,
Ft. Worth's IMAX Theater, Fire Department, Dancin' Deer Ranch and many more!

**Curriculum related field trips are paid for by Pettit Private School!**