Our Parents' Place
You play the most significant role in the development of your child(ren), and we want to help!
Here you will find the latest education news that affects you and/or your child(ren) as well as
links to some of Traci Pettit's favorite professional organizations' sites.  She has benefited and
continues to benefit from these research-based organizations - as a secondary public school
teacher, collegiate instructor of pre-service early childhood/elementary teachers, in her own
studies in early childhood education, and in helping her maintain the safest and most
nurturing environment atPettit Private School, conducive to growing the whole child.
Updated frequently
with the latest
information that
affects you and/or
your child(ren).
is an excellent online
"learn to read" website
that will meet your
child where he/she is in
literacy development:
emergence, beginning or
Reading Rockets
provides a wealth of
information to help
you help your kiddos
learn to read.  The
information is
Zero to Three
is the nation's
leading resource on
the first years of
life.  You will be
amazed at how
much information is
available for you!
has helped children
read and learn for
over 85 years! The
parent page provides
you with practical
information to help
you foster a love of
learning within
your child(ren).
(Association for
Library Service to
will help you
learn about
quality literature
that's available for
your young
PBS for Parents
teaches how children
become readers and
writers and how you
can help them at each
literacy stage.
The site also provides a
"book finder" where you
can locate developmentally
appropriate books for your
Get Ready to Read
is a quick, yet
screening tool developed
by Reading Rockets
to help you find out if
your child (intended
for a 4-year-old) is on
track to learn how to
Department of
State Health
Services -
Department of
State and Health
vision and